As we accelerate rapidly towards the holiday season, there’s little doubt that e-commerce merchants will be expecting another big few months to end the year. Although the state of Covid-19 was certainly a factor in 2020, we’re likely to see similar reliance on online shopping for 2021. For e-commerce merchants, it’s critically important that your websites are up to the task. We know definitively that website performance directly impacts the likelihood that a visitor will convert. After all the work you’ve put into your products, pricing, messaging, advertising, etc., don’t let your website be the last hurdle that your customers can’t get over.

This holiday season, Webscale and Accorin have joined forces to give you the power of foresight, so you can confidently head into Black Friday and beyond, knowing that your e-commerce website is ready.

Webscale x Accorin = Holiday Season Peace of Mind

By combining Accorin’s performance insights, and Webscale’s Cloud Application Testing, you can now uncover any weaknesses in your e-commerce storefront and ensure you are prepared for any level of traffic or potential security breach.

Accorin utilizes a test ordering sequence and performance benchmarks from our large database of e-commerce merchant clients to flag potential performance trouble spots related to usability and conversion steps.

Webscale’s CloudEDGE Application Testing then delivers a simulated surge of end users to your storefront, mimicking real patterns and shopping behavior to ensure performance and availability are never compromised.

Accorin’s Holiday Readiness Services

Accorin’s e-commerce auditing services, including our holiday readiness performance insights program, provide e-commerce merchants with tangible and timely site improvements that are geared towards improving performance, conversion, and ROAS.

Having served and helped hundreds of e-commerce clients over the last 10 years we have a deep understanding of e-commerce performance and the usability issues that can have an impact, especially during the holiday season when there are extreme peaks in shopping activity. Comprehensive site audits are also available for planning or as a part of a merchant’s re-platforming efforts.

Learn more about Accorin’s services, here.

Webscale’s CloudEDGE Application Testing

Webscale’s CloudEDGE Application Testing is a synthetic test run across any staging or cloned production site, hosted in any cloud provider or on-premise data center. The purpose of the service is to simulate end-user patterns and shopping behavior on the application, especially right after new code deployments, and at higher traffic volumes while measuring the site’s behavior, responsiveness, and overall performance.

Why Do Merchants Need CloudEDGE Application Testing?

Research has long shown that online consumers go elsewhere if they find a site too slow (taking more than 3 seconds to load) or if they experience availability issues, such as a failing checkout – it’s so important now that Google have made such factors key to their ranking algorithms; labelling them as ‘Core Web Vitals’.

There are numerous architecture and code dependencies that impact a site’s ability to scale under significant load. Hence, conducting an exhaustive evaluation of your site’s functionality after new code rollouts and performance at peak demand ensures that any critical issues, around availability and scalability, are identified and resolved.

It is highly recommended that merchants conduct application testing before high-traffic shopping events.


  • Easy to deploy: Initiate a test in just a few clicks and run it for a few minutes or longer.
  • Repeatable: Replay your best sales event by incorporating the test as a code in your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Scalable: Seamlessly scale to thousands of requests per second and concurrent users.
  • Cloud and platform agnostic
  • Enhance user experience: Evaluate performance under load to ensure optimum customer experience at all times.
  • Mitigate risks related to code release

The Bottom Line

If, like most e-commerce merchants, you’re hoping for a big surge of traffic and orders for the holiday season, you shouldn’t neglect the opportunity to check that your website is ready to handle the surge. By combining Accorin and Webscale’s services, you can go into this holiday season with peace of mind.

Remember…hope is not a strategy! Battle test your storefront today, to avoid surprises tomorrow. Contact us for more information.