Expertise that’s hard to find

If you’ve been in the e-commerce business for more than three weeks, you know how hard it can be to find the right people. At Accorin, we’re staffed with experts at all aspects of the business from planning to launching to expanding to migrating. So you don’t have to worry about chasing down the right people. Because we have them.

01 – Analysis & Strategy

We help companies identify how digital growth can enable new business models and transform existing ones. We start with deep discovery exercises then move to data analysis and customer research, development of actionable insights, and then we create the detailed plans needed to implement a strategic vision.

We collaborate with our clients every step of the way and our decisions are based on informed, research-based data. Our consulting is utilized by Fortune 500 companies and startups alike.

02 – Technology

We have designed, built and launched transformative technology solutions for some of the world’s most recognized brands both directly and through our agency partners. We’re Magento, Shopify and Demandware veterans.

We have also designed and built custom e-commerce solutions, apps, and integrations. Our expertise in integration allows us to connect a myriad of apps, sites, and systems into a robust and functional e-commerce infrastructure.

03 – Creative

Our designers uncover the essence of your digital objectives, and design user experiences that drive business success. We use research-based design informed by focus groups, working sessions, and site mapping.

04 – Marketing

From targeted marketing campaigns to on-going emails, SEO, SEM, retargeting and social media engagement, we use data driven marketing techniques to drive new customer acquisition and customer retention.

Accorin is our go-to partner for Magento and SFCC projects. Their teams are excellent and fit seamlessly into our delivery organizations.

Scott Savitt
Senior Partner, Director of Digital
Connelly Partners

Our Methodology

Though each client is unique, our project management process and tool set allow us to operate in a similar way regardless of the assignment type. We have done a lot of projects and our Methodology incorporates the lessons learned and best practices that we have developed.

  1. Define

    Define the approach.

  2. Design

    Design the solution.

  1. Discover

    Discover the goals, objectives & requirements.

  2. Plan

    Plan the work. Work the plan.

  3. Develop

    Develop the solution & verify the quality.

  1. Evolve

    Evolve based on roadmap features & visitor activities.

  2. Deliver

    Deliver the complete solution into production.