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Analysis & Strategy

Analysis & Strategy

Every successful e-commerce journey begins with a well-planned first step. Through discovery exercises, data analysis, customer research, and strategic planning, we hand-craft the right approach for you.



Technical Design, UX Design, and Visual Design are key offerings at all levels of service we provide from large replatforms or site redesigns to evolving existing websites and apps. The three aspects of our design offering are combined to produce stunning sites and products.



We’ve got an experienced eye for digital and e-commerce design, but we’re tech geeks at heart. Our team is made up of Adobe Commerce (Magento), Shopify, BigCommerce and Salesforce experts with the certifications, tools and know-how to assist you with the most complicated technical requirements. Complex integrations, headless architectures? Bring them on.

E-Commerce Marketing

E-Commerce Marketing

Your business needs more than just a killer website experience to achieve significant e-commerce growth. From targeted campaigns to digital outreach, SEO, SEM, and social media engagement, we use data-driven marketing techniques to help you attract and retain customers.

Maintenance, Support & Evolution

Maintenance, Support & Evolution

Since your business is constantly growing and evolving, it stands to reason that your website should too. While we believe in giving you the skills to master your own technology, we’re here when you need us. Our expertise, availability, and commitment to service means that your business will always be in good hands.

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Custom Extensions & Apps

Custom Extensions & Apps

Our custom extensions and apps are among the best in the business. Some of them have even been integrated as core features on major platforms. We’ll work with you to develop custom features that optimize your website and extend core functionality. We currently have in-market extensions for Adobe Commerce (Magento),BigCommerce, Shopify and our own headless Framework.

System & Development Operations

System & Development Operations

Even if your store isn’t brick-and-mortar, it still requires a strong foundation. Whether your e-commerce site is SaaS, on-premises, or a hybrid model, we can provide the technological support that you need.



The Accorin technology team has deep experience integrating e-commerce websites with a variety of business systems including ERP, CRM, ESP, PIM and more. We can integrate your e-commerce platform with just about any system with an API and even if one does not exist we can scope and build one if necessary. We’ve even developed our own Enterprise Application Integration tools for the platforms we support including Adibe Commerce Cloud (Magento), BigCommerce and Shopify.

E-Commerce Audits

E-Commerce Audits

We have complimentary and paid e-commerce audit offerings. The paid audit program explore a variety of platform, performance, design, and integration issues to help you understand how your current site and systems measure against key benchmarks. If you’re not sure where to start and you have an existing e-commerce business talk to us about an audit scope that will fit your budget and timing needs and we’ll get it done.

Solutions Based on You, Not Us

With something as complex as e-commerce, one size won’t ever fit all. We break free from the mold, delivering solutions tailored for you. Forget the standard approach — we choose the strategy, platform, methodology and mix of technologies that’s right for your business, not the one that feels comfortable for us.

Adobe Magento

Magento fits the needs of many of our more sophisticated e-commerce clients, especially those with B2B requirements and complex catalogs. We are a Certified Magento Solution Partner since 2016. We have delivered over 50 Magento sites and built many custom extensions. Our team members are all certified Magento developers or solution experts.


BigCommerce is another e-commerce platform we love to build sites on. It’s a leading SaaS platform with foundational B2B functionality and flexibility that allows for great looking sites and experiences. It’s great for larger, growing e-commerce merchants, BigCommerce allows flexibility and scalability. We are a Certified Big Commerce Partner – new to the program in 2020 with several sites in development as of November 2020.


Great e-commerce platform for B2C brands with high end design aspirations and minimal internal technical resources.
As official Shopify partners, we have delivered many Shopify sites and custom apps.
Our team includes certified Shopify experts.

Key Technology Partners

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Our Websites


Magento Cloud, Craft CMS


Shopify, Kalviyo, RocketFlowz

Scrip Companies

Magento 2, Bronto


Shopify, RocketFlowz


Magento 2, Quivers


Shopify, Kalviyo

Our Methodology

Though each client is unique, our project management process and tool set allow us to operate in a similar way regardless of the assignment type. We have done a lot of projects and our Methodology incorporates the lessons learned and best practices that we have developed.

  1. Define

    Define the approach.

  2. Design

    Design the solution.

  1. Discover

    Discover the goals, objectives & requirements.

  2. Plan

    Plan the work. Work the plan.

  3. Develop

    Develop the solution & verify the quality.

  1. Evolve

    Evolve based on roadmap features & visitor activities.

  2. Deliver

    Deliver the complete solution into production.