Julia B


The Story

Julia B. designs and produces some of the world’s finest and most exclusive products for the home, combining hand-crafted artisanry with exclusive design, to deliver beautiful products carefully made to their customers’ personal specifications. Julia B. products are available directly from the Accorin-built Magento e-Commerce website. The Julia B. collections extend from beautiful hand embroidered linens for the bedroom and dining room, to fabulous gift, bridal and baby items.
Julia B.'s unique challenges were:

  • Needed to source and integrate an e-Commerce platform that could handle a highly robust B2C product set with complex and custom luxury products.

  • Needed to enhance the usability of selecting custom monogram options for both front end customers and administrators taking orders by phone.

  • Needed to allow the administrator to apply different discounts for retail, wholesale and designer customer groups.

Platform(s) / Solution:

  • Over the course of several discovery discussions, Accorin and Julia B identified the specific functional and user interface requirements and ended up selecting Magento.

  • Custom designs were generated addressing each of the UX requirements, with a focus on enhanced drop down menus and location placement icons.

  • Custom front end and back end functionality was built to allow the hierarchical flow of choices on the front end and the ability for the administrator to create discounts for the varying customer groups.

Extras & Noteworthy Add-ons:

Magento allows Julia B to offer its customers a wide range of choices with regard to monogram customization, while giving the user an easy to use, fast loading, and enhanced interface. Customers now have the ability to:

  • Choose from a wide variety of monogram choices in an elegant, straightforward fashion, via drop down enhancements.

  • Easily select the monogram location.

  • Easily add a second color choice for their custom monogram.

Additionally, Magento e-Commerce site administrators now are able to simply control the varying discounts for Julia B’s retail, wholesaler and designer clients and customers.

Key Technology Used