The Story

Accorin played an important role in helping two veterans of the health & wellness distribution industry start a new brand in CBD products: Divinus.

Accorin carried the new team through a process of e-commerce platform selection, design, build and deployment of the new e-commerce website where the company's products are now available to the public and health practitioners. Project highlights include translating key brand elements into a beautiful, Shopify-based user experience, and dealing with key aspects of compliance that Divinus needed to go through to ensure legality across all states in the US as a part of moving into this new and rapidly growing industry. Divinus has key product differentiators in their formulas and a unique mission-driven operating model.
Launching an e-commerce product in the CBD space is not free from some lingering barriers in perception and federal and state-level legislation. In order to launch a new digital storefront for Divinus, we had to:

  • Identify and implement a payment processor that is approved for the sale of CBD products

  • Create content to ensure that prospective customers' questions around CBD are answered up front - removing any barriers to purchase (FAQs and blog articles).

  • Ensure the purchasing and distribution to CBD-restricted states is correctly configured

Platform(s) / Solution:

  • Shopify

  • Klaviyo

  • Intuit Quickbooks integration

  • Rewind Backups

  • Bundle Builder

  • WMS/3PL integration

Extras & Noteworthy Add-ons:

  • Digipay Payment Solutions

  • Daily Karma

  • Web-optimized copywriting (including thought-leadership)

Key Technology Used