Boston Interiors


The Story

Boston Interiors is a leading retailer of home furnishings and residential furniture in the Boston area. They have successfully competed with higher and lower-end furniture outlets and catalog companies for years, building a robust business with loyal customers that visit and purchase from their stores in Boston suburbs. While they have had websites to support “showrooming” for decades, they have only been able to capitalize on e-commerce in the past few years.
After working with the expert branding team at Connelly Partners, Boston Interiors turned to Accorin for ongoing management of its new Magento e-commerce site. This year, during the pandemic, they were able to leverage their e-commerce platform to support their retail outlets and keep customers buying when the stores had to close.

Platform(s) / Solution:

  • Magento 2 CE

  • Custom Integrations to ERP

  • Retail business systems via IBM AS400

Extras & Noteworthy Add-ons:

  • Unique back end requirement integrating with an AS400 including numerous direct API calls

  • Delivery options interface unique to the retail furniture business

  • Ability to customize and modify shipping costs and delivery dates

Key Technology Used