10 Powerful E-commerce Features Available for B2B

Magento has developed a well deserved reputation as the leading e-commerce platform for B2C stores, but it doesn’t have the same reputation for B2B e-commerce stores. Naysayers (often competitors) point to Magento’s core feature limitations as a reason why Magento is not suited for B2B, but as an open platform, those feature / functionality gaps are bridgeable.

B2C and B2B e-commerce sites have differences, but they also have a lot of similarities. We’ve compiled a list of some key features that Accorin has deployed on our clients B2B e-commerce implementations:

  1. Account request and registration  [Accorin extension]
  2. Bulk Ordering tool  [Accorin extension]
  3. Product Reordering tool
  4. Back-in-stock notification emails
  5. Multiple shipping options:
    1. Pickup at counter (important for wholesalers / distributors)
    2. Customer entered shipping instructions
    3. Less Than Truckload (LTL)
  6. Payments using a P.O. / Invoicing
  7. Order Status Lookup tool [Accorin extension]
  8. Quoting tools
  9. Report automation  [Accorin extension]
  10. Integration with external systems  [Accorin extension]

The Bottom Line
With these 10 extensions, Magento is a great e-commerce option for B2B organizations that are looking to scale and evolve their online presence. That said, is Magento the best option for all B2B deployment? Not entirely. If you need complex product configurations, multi-account management requirements, or adhere to complex sales channel rules, there are other options that will require less customization. As always, we are here to help. Get in touch.