Grow Your E-commerce Business Now!

Adobe / Magento and Accorin are working together to provide businesses with the solutions and incentives they need to keep growing during these unprecedented times!

In concert with Adobe / Magento’s “Propulsion” program – a new set of promotions and incentives designed to help businesses onboard with Magento E-commerce during these difficult times – Accorin is announcing its “Express” package.

The package is designed to get your e-commerce business optimized for revenue growth as quickly as possible and as cost-effectively as possible with Magento 2 E-commerce. If you have a complex or catalog and / or you have B2B requirements we can help you get up and running with the functionality you need to take your e-commerce to the next level. Adobe / Magento is offering licensing fee breaks and promotions right now as well so the cost of getting up and running on the most flexible, customizable e-commerce platform may be less than you think. 

As part of our Express program, we offer our own Magento Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tool which will likely speed up the necessary integrations that you require to be built in to your Magento implementation.

Accorin Express Package for Magento

  • Up and running in as soon as 6-8 weeks
  • Core integrations and set up on a proven, fast theme and experience
  • Magento Cloud Commerce available at historically low prices from Adobe
  • All-in upfront design, build, deployment beginning at $48.5K
  • B2C and B2B Versions of Express are available

Who is the Express Package a Great Fit For?

  • Great for B2B merchants that want to set up and then evolve a fantastically flexible e-commerce experience that will include cost reducing self-service modules 
  • Great for B2C/B2B businesses with global expansion plans
  • Great for Startups that have complex business models and fast-paced expansion plans

Learn More HERE. or contact us at [email protected] to set up a call and to see if you qualify for Express!