Modules are an incredibly powerful way to easily enhance Magento’s core functionality. The Magento platform is super powerful out of the box, but not every business has the same requirements, and that is where modules come in. The list below identifies the modules that we feel are valuable on practically every Magento B2C site launch.

TIP: We recommend a rigorous approach to identifying, evaluating and managing new modules. Need help selecting a module and evaluating it? Give us a call.


There are a few marketing modules that we typically deploy on client projects. They are used to enhance the default promotions options, SEO opportunities and analytical tracking.


Rich content options exist in Magento 2.3 with PageBuilder functionality, but a solid blog module can help a lot in formatting and structuring site content.

Suggested Module: MageArray – Blog

Multiple Coupons

Many of our customers “stack” coupons. Magento does not support more than one coupon out of the box. This module fixes that.

Suggested Module: Amasty – Multiple Coupons


Magento supports a rich variety of promotions as a default, but many companies need more options. Enhanced promotions supports these types of requirements.

Suggested Module: Amasty – Special Promotions

Enhanced Google Analytics

Full support for Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, AdWords Dynamic Remarketing, AdWords Conversion Tracking, Social Network interaction tracking, Facebook Custom Audiences Pixel, Custom Dimensions, User ID data acquisition and User Timings Tracking

Suggested Module: Magento 2 Google Tag Manager Enhanced Ecommerce (UA) Tracking

Abandoned Cart

Abandoned cart messaging is critical for winning back customers. There are a few approaches for the Community edition, but we like the MailChimp integration and associated workflow functionality.

Suggested Module: MailChimp


Magento Enterprise & Magento Cloud (2.3+) have fantastic merchandising capabilities with the ability to use the Page Builder WYSIWYG capabilities and content update scheduling. There are some merchandising modules that can help take a site to the “next level”.

Mega Menu

Most modern sites require a larger menu with multiple layers of navigation. A mega menu module works well to enhance Magento’s native menu capabilities.

Suggested Module: Welt Pixel – Mega Menu

Product Labels

Labelling products can be a simple yet effective readability and usability enhancement for customers. Show product labels to display on PLP & PDP (e.g. new, special, sale)

Suggested Module: MageArray – Product Labels

User Experience


Well-designed search is fundamental to e-commerce success. There are a variety of good search solutions, but we really like Algolia. It is super fast, delivers great results and is easy to implement. There are also some options to enhance Search personalization that are very powerful. Enough said.

Suggested Module: Algolia

Product Recommendations

An effective Product Recommendations module can really help increase on-site conversions. We like 4-Tell. They do a really good job of supporting upsells and cross sells.

Suggested Module: 4-Tell

Social Login

Nobody likes creating accounts. Nobody remembers all their different logins. Social Login’s really can help increase account creation and prevent abandoned carts. It can also be a powerful asset in helping to target engaged audiences in your social media campaigns.

Suggested Module: Mage Plaze – Social Login


Web Form Builder allows you to make any type of form right from Magento admin, design it and collect data from users in e-mail and database easily.

Suggested Module: Mage Array – Forms

Improved Checkout [Accorin developed for our customers]

There are a variety of enhancements that we feel (and data shows) significantly improves the checkout experience. Accorin has developed the following standardized modules for our customers:

  • Create Account in Checkout
  • Email Subscribe in Checkout
  • Cart Summary
  • Order Confirmation


System to System Integration for Magento

Integration into external systems (e.g. ERP, PIM, CRM, etc.) is critical for any ecommerce site of scale. To enhance Magento’s native web-services, Accorin has developed a powerful module for integration between Magento and external systems. It includes integration point definition, management and logging.

Suggested Module: Accorin – Systems Integrator

Product Feeds

Online shopping no longer exclusively happens on the website of the brand you’re shopping with. Make sure your customers can find your products available for purchase in all the same places they see your competitors by efficiently exporting your product catalog to Shopping engines.

Suggested Module: Wyomind – Data Feed Manager

Site Administration & Security

Cron Scheduler

Monitor the cron tasks that run in the background. This module gives you a lot of control over the cron functionality.

Suggested Module: Wyomind – Cron Scheduler Pro

Invisible Recaptcha

Automated bots can wreak havoc on an unprotected e-commerce site. The Invisible Recaptcha functionality protects forms and reviews from Bot spam. Unlike normal captcha, it only shows when it suspects the interaction is from a bot.

Suggested Module: Amasty – Invisible Recaptcha

Login As Customer

Need to support your customers? The option to Login as a customer can really help customer support. With this module you, you can login and perform site actions on-behalf of your customers.

Suggested Module: Magefan – Login as Customer

The Bottom Line

Modules are powerful and are a proven way to accelerate development and drive revenue. Visit the Magento Marketplace to find a broad range of modules, or see the modules that Accorin has built.

Need help getting your Magento e-commerce site launched and optimized? Give us a call.