It’s no secret that B2B e-commerce is exploding in a myriad of different ways. Older modes of transacting business are declining as B2B buyers look to transition their business to the likes of Grainger and Amazon. And they’re not finding it easy. B2B is very different on the “back end” yet B2B buyers are looking for B2C-like experiences with easy mobile purchasing, fast ordering, personalized experiences and – all of that wrapped in the pricing that their teams have negotiated with the seller. In addition many B2B buyers still want the digital version of the “paper purchasing tools” they’ve been using for decades like Purchase Orders, Requisition Lists, Quick Order Forms. With the release of 2.x and each subsequent release, Magento continues to establish itself as the leader in B2B commerce because of its core enterprise B2B features, it’s customizability, and a deep community of experts and Solution Partners (like Accorin) that are available to configure it to the exact use case a B2B merchant needs.

At Accorin, our approach to extensions and the customizability of Magento is that our clients can collaborate and share-in our innovations as we extend Magento for B2B and make it even better. Accorin’s B2B modules are a toolkit of modules that Accorin clients get access to license-free by engaging with us on a Magento 2 project.

Our approach to building extensions for Magento is one that our client partners agree to and benefit from. Where there is an opportunity to expand our existing Magento tool kit we will build it on our own and our clients benefit from an improved process that saves time / hours / budget. We also collaborate with clients and it works as simply as this: throughout our engagement we look for ways to innovate to meet our clients’ most unique B2B use cases. When there is a use case or set of use cases that allows us to meet a specific client need that is not a part of Magento core OR any of the reliable marketplace-approved extensions, we will investigate the cost-benefit of making an extension for them. If there is interest in moving forward with it we will discuss sharing the project benefits or including the possibility of the client realizing significant cost savings in exchange for allowing us to make the new feature(s) part of our toolkit.

Our Magento B2B Toolkit


Integrator is an Enterprise Application Integration tool (EAI) that allows Magento to communicate easily with external systems like an ERP so that Order, Shipment, Inventory and Receipt data can flow easily back and forth between systems and Magento. We developed The Integrator as a tool to help us streamline integration tasks related to setting up and migrating data from external systems to the Magento platform.

Business managers love Integrator because it allows them to work more in Magento and less in 3rd party systems. Developers and technology managers love it because it enables them to set up the following integration workflows right within Magento:

  • Define the inbound and outbound integration points
  • Configure the type of integration point that will be used (e.g. Webservices, FTP, EDI, etc.)
  • Schedule the frequency of the integrations
  • Manage Credentials

Learn more about The Integrator in our Extension Store.

One View

The OneView module supports customer self-service by unifying all of your customer’s Orders, Shipments, Invoices, and Returns. Regardless of whether your customers placed the original order in Magento, a legacy system or over the phone into your ERP, you are able to give you customers a way to see and interact with their information through their Magento login.
OneView is also a great solution for migrating historic orders into Magento quickly and cost effectively.

Learn more about OneView in our Extension Store.

Our New Magento B2B Extensions

The Following B2B extensions are in the process of being completed and will be officially launched at Adobe Summit / Imagine to be held in Las Vegas in late March:

Enhanced Company Address Book

B2B buyers need the ability to seamlessly manage the different destinations where an order needs to be routed. While Magento 2 is already the beneficiary of some existing extensions related to company user configuration, the Accorin Company Address Book extension will provide additional benefits and integrations with other core b2b features that make it even more powerful.

Expanded Company Requisition Lists

B2B Company Requisition Lists are ideal for organizations that need to manage standardized lists of products that can be purchased on a regular basis. “Standard” Requisition lists in Magento 2 Commerce make it easy to reorder products for an individual user. Accorin’s B2B Company Requisition List module allows shared Requisition Lists that can be centrally managed and used by employees throughout a company.

Previously Purchased Products

This extension will provide merchants the ability to give their customers new enhanced views of purchased products – more than currently available from any other M1 or M2 extension and very much geared towards the needs for B2B merchants – especially distributors!

The Bottom Line

Accorin is proud to be announcing the availability of even more B2B modules in 2020. You can read more about Integrator and One VIew on our website right now – or meet up with us at our booth at Imagine. Stop by for a demo at our booth and you will be automatically registered to win one of 3 NEW Apple Airpod Pros we’ll be giving away during the conference.
Accorin is committed to making Magento even better than it already is for B2B and remember – Accorin extensions are available to its customers with a license cost of $0 (maintenance and support fees may apply).