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Dyehard Fan Supply is a leading supplier and merchandiser providing big brand universities and event-centric companies with branded merchandise for sale both at venues and online. Dyehard works with a number of large conference schools in the ACC, SEC, and IVY league supporting popular sporting events with at-venue, on-campus stores for retail customers. In addition Dyehard runs online stores so fans of these schools can purchase merchandise anytime, anywhere. Dyehard also works with event-centric organizations including Bike NYC, Tough Mudder and Kentucky Derby.

Dyehard Fan Supply Marketing

The Challenges

  • Need to onboard new e-commerce sites very quickly
  • Need to identify and integrate an e-commerce platform that would meet their logistical requirements
  • Need to augment team with e-commerce experts for ongoing retail operations
  • Need to augment team with digital marketing expertise

The Solutions

  • Identified a short term and longer term platform solution and growth plan given their anticipated growth curve of clients and sites
  • Identified and executed a quick turnaround design, build and launch process
  • Identified and integrated tools and processes to enable Dyehard to onboard and operate multiple e-commerce sites within short periods of time
  • Ongoing development and implementation of a robust multi-channel marketing campaign strategy to drive engagement and increase revenue with the online stores
The Accorin team was able to support our growth with rapid-response e-commerce design, customization, integration and marketing support services and ensured successful on-boarding of our key clients in 2018.
Rex Hough
CEO, Dyehard Fan Supply

Accounts Transferred


New E-commerce Sites


Campaigns deployed in 2018


Between July and December of 2018 Accorin launched 6 new e-commerce stores on behalf of Dyehard for key brand clients: Tough Mudder, Auburn University Athletics, University of Arkansas Athletics, Columbia University Athletics, University of Pittsburgh and The Big East Conference. Accorin allowed Dyehard to quickly and efficiently integrate e-commerce sites and operations into its business to support a very rapid growth model. Staffing up an internal team from scratch and growing at the pace that they did in 2018 would have been impossible. Accorin developed a flexible compensation model allowing them to very rapidly engage a team to grow their e-commerce sales from these clients over the span of a few months.