There are already a number of terrific reasons to consider Magento for your B2C and B2B e-commerce business especially when you compare it to the popular SaaS platforms that are on the marketplace and spending money attracting attention.

Magento is the world’s most popular, flexible, and proven platform. Magento is a global leader. Smaller merchants can start with a $0 cost Community Edition and graduate to an Enterprise / Enterprise Cloud version when they feel they need it. We’re finding that many established companies need both B2C and B2B storefronts and with Magento they can manage both using a unified commerce approach and Magento’s multi-store architecture. Need integrations with a number of 3rd party systems whether it be ERP, CRM, OMS, PIM, ESP? Magento is a leader. Magento’s vast community of developers and their developer certification ensure that you can find qualified talent to help your vision with Magento become real.

Now with the power of Adobe behind the platform, we’re expecting big things from Magento in 2020, including exciting new features and opportunities to leverage Adobe experience cloud as well.

Here are 5 key developments / releases we are likely to see in 2020:

Vast Improvements to Progressive Web Apps / (PWA)

We’re expecting in the next release of Magento that the PWA studio will be better, proven, stable and super-reliable. We’ve seen dramatic increases in quality between the first (2.3 for PWA) and subsequent releases of major Magento functionality in the past and we have heard about and expect PWA Studio to help many merchants launch progressive web apps with the next major release of Magento. There are some super-exciting features coming up that developers and B2B merchants will truly love!

Adobe Sensei – AI-powered Product Merchandising Experiences Arrive

Last year at Imagine, Adobe showcased the artificial intelligence that it believes will drive customer experiences across the suite of adobe products. This year we will see it in Magento. What does that mean? Most likely we will see the beginning of AI-powered product recommendations, upsells and cross sells based upon user behavior and data.

New, Improved Pagebuilder

The CMS / backend of Magento will see improvements this year. Merchants and their content management friends will love enhancements that impact mobile devices. Rich, “shoppable content” will be the product of the new Page Builder by the end of 2020 as well.

Site Search

There are rumours that we will see big improvements in Elastic / Magento site search – both the experience and the performance this year. The natural language capability of site search will also be greatly enhanced and we hear that Adobe Sensei will be a major contributing factor to the enhancement too.

B2B Enhancements

Magento released a highly-anticipated full suite of B2B features in version 2.3 and these features are only available to enterprise users. We’re going to see even more B2B features being released in 2020. Look forward to B2B Purchase Order Approvals (with thresholds for different purchasers within different locations of companies). Deeper functionality surrounding sales team access to order data, company, and account information. Of course B2B merchants will also benefit from the new B2B theme being released in the PWA studio as well.

The Bottom Line

So, we’re expecting a big year for Magento and the next release will be packed with new features for Enterprise, Mid Market and SMB e-commerce merchants as well. Given that Adobe’s visionaries are now firmly intermingled with Magento developers we also look to see tighter integration with Adobe Experience Management and Marketo as well. The Bottom Line is that 2020 is the best year ever to consider migrating to Magento or moving up to Enterprise or Enterprise Cloud.

If you’d like to learn more about Magento and the costs and affort associated with configuring it for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.