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The in-person Adobe Summit/Magento Imagine 2020 conference may have been cancelled but we’re not giving up that easily. Magento’s Imagine conference has been the highlight of our calendar in recent years. Obviously it’s great to be in Vegas and experience the fun and parties that are an obvious benefit to attending but the part that really excites us is the chance to demo our latest and greatest products and solutions to attendees who so desperately need them (or so they tell us).

Last year, we demoed our B2B Order Approvals module and it was such a hit that Magento ended up making it part of their core offering.

At the core of what we do at Accorin is the desire to create things to make e-commerce easier for users – whether we’re talking about end users (customers) or e-commerce website management users. This year, we’re unveiling 5 new B2B modules that we know do exactly that:

  • Previously Purchased Products
  • Requisition List
  • Company Address Book
  • Integrator
  • OneView

Join us for 1 of 4 webinars between April 7th and April 10th to find out more.

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3 More Reasons to Attend

Since we couldn’t give things away at our Imagine booth this year, we’re giving away 3 pairs of brand new Apple Airpod Pros to 3 random webinar attendees. Simply register for at least one of our demos and tune in for your chosen webinar. It’s that simple. We’ll pick 3 lucky winners randomly and you’ll get them in the mail soon after.