Do you ever come across a really cool application of technology that makes you go “Wow”? Well, Ditto has developed a technology that does just that.

About 6 months ago, Josh Wachman (one of Ditto’s founders), gave me an overview of the Ditto platform and how brands and publishers could leverage it. The e-commerce marketing and merchandising opportunities are significant.

As an example, here is an overview of a program that Ditto just launched with FoxSports for the SuperBowl. E-commerce is front-and-center. Per Josh, “This is just one capability we’ve developed which showcases the value of photo-analytics pivoting to photo based engagement.

Here’s how it works: If a fan shares a Facebook photo with Broncos or Seahawks logos present, then Ditto Dots link the photo to game highlights and deals on merchandise for the fan’s friends.”

Try it here:

A video that explains how it works is here:


The Bottom Line
Many e-commerce organizations can get caught in a marketing rut using the same old (though we have found highly effective) PPC, SEO, SEM, email campaigns, etc., to drive new customer acquisition. Ditto and Fox are clearly illustrating how creative thinking can really transform and evolve e-commerce marketing. At Accorin we believe these types of applications are great augmentations to the best e-commerce marketing programs out there.

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