The Accorin team has been experts at e-commerce integration for some time and over the last few years has been developing products and customizations to help a variety of merchants. Leveraging this expertise and our recent experience helping clients executing e-commerce operations through SaaS platforms like Shopify and Big Commerce we’ve developed an enterprise application integration (EAI) tool which we believe will provide a ton of value to SaaS E-commerce merchants. We call it RocketFlowz.

What Does RocketFlowz Offer?

Simply put, Rocketflowz is a powerful new tool that will help Shopify merchants run their businesses more efficiently. Currently in BETA, RocketFlowz supports the following integrations:

  • Inventory
  • Orders
  • Shipments
  • Status Updates
  • Returns
  • Products

RocketFlowz Integrations

We’ve run across a number of organizations running both Magento and Shopify. Using our Integrator in Magento and Rocketflowz for Shopify, merchants will be able to use the same architecture to manage and monitor integrations into critical back end systems.

Bringing BigCommerce into the Mix

Accorin is dedicated to helping e-commerce merchants no matter what platform they select. We are truly expert at a few (don’t let any system integrator tell you they are “platform agnostic” because we don’t believe in that) but we also have run across many, many different integration scenarios. So, we are in the process of solidifying our knowledge of Big Commerce, adopting it as another SaaS option for our clients, and launching an interface between it and RocketFlowz.

Here’s our Thinking:

BigCommerce is a viable SaaS solution for mid-sized companies that need headless and or basic B2B functionality in a SaaS platform.

Chances are these types of merchants will also need (at a minimum) ERP Integrations. So we feel compelled to offer RocketFlowz to the tens of thousands of BigCommerce merchants that we believe could use it to make their integrations easier and improve their e-Commerce operations.

The Bottom Line

Our Product development team has completed initial API integrations between RocketFlowz and BigCommerce. We’re excited to be offering it to the BigCommerce community of merchants and if you are interested in signing up for our BETA program please send us an email at [email protected] and we’d be happy to chat about it.