For years, Accorin has been helping e-commerce merchants with complex integrations between e-commerce platforms and their ERPs CRMs, ESPs, and other business systems including middleware that allows e-commerce to communicate with older legacy systems like IBM AS400s. Recently Accorin announced its Integrator extension for Magento 2 Enterprise and Cloud editions – an Enterprise Application Integration tool (EAI) that speeds up and helps teams manage complex integrations for that popular platform. Now Accorin is pleased to announce the BETA availability of RocketFlowz. RocketFlowz allows Shopify merchants to Integrate ERP, WMS, OMS, CRM, and other 3 letter acronyms into your Shopify store faster and better.

Custom integrations with Shopify require a separate integration server to be set up, configured, secured and managed….and that’s before you even start building your integrations. With Rocket Flowz, simply sign-up and build your integrations on our fully-managed middleware integration platform. RocketFlowz has pre-built Shopify integrations for Orders, Inventory, Shipments, Status Updates, and Returns. Using these pre-built integrations you can then build the integrations into your backend systems (or have us help you).

rocketflowz diagram

RocketFlowz is built by the Shopify experts at Accorin. After a LOT of e-commerce deployments across a LOT of different platforms, we’ve done a LOT of system-to-system integrations ….and have figured out what works and what doesn’t. We’ve taken those learnings and rolled them into RocketFlowz.

Simply put, RocketFlowz is a powerful new tool that will help merchants on the Shopify platform run their businesses more efficiently. Currently in BETA, RocketFlowz supports the following integrations:

rocketflowz functionality

We have run across a number of organizations running both Magento and Shopify. Using our Integrator in Magento and Rocketflowz for Shopify, merchants will be able to use the same architecture to manage and monitor integrations into critical back end systems.

Currently Accorin is accepting BETA clients who might be interested in and who might gain value from RocketFlowz. Accorin will work closely with all BETA clients to ensure that their RocketFlowz integrations work flawlessly (like the thousands of daily integrations run through the Accorin Integrator for Magento).

The Bottom Line

The Accorin team are experts at e-commerce integration and over the last few years have been developing products and customizations to help a variety of merchants. Leveraging this expertise and our recent experience helping clients with Shopify we have developed an EAI tool which we believe will provide a ton of value to Shopify merchants.

For more information please visit the If you are interested in becoming a BETA customer and you would like to learn more, please email [email protected] or call us at (617) 859-7900.