We’re vax’d. We’re boosted. And hopefully we’re getting back to in-person meetings and trade shows in 2022. While we’re disappointed this will be the third year without Magento Imagine (now re-crafted as a part of Adobe Summit, understandably), we’re busy planning our travel itineraries with any eye on several events that we think will be fruitful business builders for our tech partners, and client merchants alike.

We had some fantastic meetings in Q4 in LA and New York with existing partners and we’re excited to meet up with new partners and prospects in a business climate where e-commerce just continues to evolve and expand at hyper-speed.

Here’s where we’re heading in Q1 and Q2 of 2022 (so far!). If you’d like an invite to any of our private events indicated below, just fill out this form and we’ll send an official invite and keep you apprised of our speaking and panel engagements at these events as well.

NRF New York

January 16-18 2022 / Javitz Center, New York City

Two years ago we met up with BigCommerce for the first time and despite having worked with them on and off for a decade, we were not a part of the Partner Program. That has since changed, and BigCommerce have an important place in our solution positioning with prospects and clients.

NRF really kicks off the year for a lot of e-commerce-oriented businesses, despite the event’s history as a retail showcase. It is still that, but given the (now almost complete) overlap between brick and mortar retail and e-commerce, it’s an important place to meet up with tech/software partners and other vendors, and solidify your plans for the coming year.

Look for us to co-sponsor an event or two. There’s no better way to balance out the east-coast centric NRF at the Javitz with a trip to Etail West and / or Shop Talk!

Shop Talk

February 25-27 / Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Our headquarters is in Boston so we’re not ashamed to admit how much we’re looking to spending 2 weeks out west in a warmer climate during the Winter – and wow, there’s a pretty compelling 1-2 of Shop Talk + Etail West to consider here in successive weeks.

Shop Talk has an absolutely impressive line of speakers but most are enterprise retail and e-commerce. We think the agenda and the topics will be a bit more structured for enterprise / e-commerce merchants with $100mm+ in revenue. That’s not to say they don’t have savvy startups in the agenda as well; they do. But if you are larger-corporate focused Vs. nimble e-commerce merchant startup and you can only do one of these events this would be the best choice, in our opinion.

eTail West

February 28-March 2 / Palm Desert, CA

eTail West has a great lineup of speakers and an agenda that we feel is geared towards very serious startups, or startups within corporate. The speakers, the case studies, and the topics are going to provide maximum return for startups or retail companies in the early stages of e-commerce. If you have an idea for an e-commerce business, this is a great show to attend because numerous speakers fall into that camp of “started 5 years ago now killing it and here’s how I did it” category.

Palm Desert is glorious in late February as well!


May 11-12 / McCormick Center, Chicago

Wasn’t RetailX just last August? Yes, but those of you who attended (like us) know that it was essentially a bust despite the great speaker lineup. Assuming Covid waves don’t line up with this Spring’s version, RetailX should be a great rebound event with excellent Spring weather in Chicago and a ton of exciting events around it.

We’re not going to miss this one. The expo floor at RetailX will be as sizable as NRF, so if you want live demos and a real trade show feel, this (like NRF) is a great one to put on your calendar. Since it’s baseball season you’ll have your choice of the new Comiskey Park (newly named for a sponsor) or Wrigley Field to catch some rays and a game. Chicago is a great city in the Spring as it awakes from a dark, cold winter!

Outdoor Retailer

June 9 – 11  / Denver, CO

Outdoor Retailer is an industry-specific show we target because of the number of e-commerce merchants (both B2B and B2C) that attend. Retailers, e-commerce merchants, and technology vendors all produce a lot of innovation in the outdoor space and you’ll see the giants like REI talking about their e-commerce plans juxtaposed with nimble startups getting e-commerce businesses going on a shoe string. Because of this you will get to hob knob with a ton of platform reps – it’s a great conference for picking their brains and the truth behind the marketing hype.

The Bottom Line

There’s really no containing our excitement about getting back out in person and our aggressive trade show plans coincide with our first year that we have been a part of Wasserman. 

Remember to let us know if you’re attending any of these conferences, so we can meet up and invite you to our exclusive events.