We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Mattress1 e-commerce site. Mattress 1 is a leading retail mattress chain with 300+ store locations in the Southeast. Mattress 1 re-launched its new e-commerce site (Magento and WordPress) after a rapid 4 month redesign and re-platform process spearheaded by Accorin.  Mattress 1 stores are located primarily in Florida and Texas and they are growing rapidly.

A strategic goal of the replatforming is to increase online sales so that the chain can meet growing demand for its products, without building physical stores…it has a lot to offer, including its own house brand “Aria.”  The website will also help meet the demand by customers that want to Showroom while shopping at competitive chains. In addition, the new site will help retail store visitors find locations and understand price and feature options so they can be better-informed as a customer once they are in the store.