Moosejaw is a multi-channel retailer with a brand identity that is laid-back and informal. Moosejaw does a great job of infusing their brand identity into all the different areas of their customers’ e-commerce shopping experience. They have a sense of humor at pretty much every touchpoint interaction with customers. Take their abandoned cart emails for example. If you have a user account and are logged into the site while shopping,  they will send an abandoned cart email within 60 minutes of leaving the site. When sending abandoned cart emails, there is always the risk that the  customers will view them as intrusive and unsubscribe from your mailing list. By introducing humor into their emails,  Moosejaw is able to minimize the risk.

Here’s an example of an abandoned cart email from Moosejaw. From the subject line to the copy, their messaging is laid-back, humorous and on-brand.

Moosejaw abandoned cart email


Humor is not the right tone for every site, but a few touches can certainly help mitigate the risk of unsubscribes when you are soliciting users with abandoned cart emails. At Accorin, we definitely recommend implementing abandoned cart programs for both B2B and B2C e-commerce sites. Getting the tone of the emails right (along with the creative, sequencing and offers), can be a challenge, but with focus and optimization they can have a material impact on revenues.  As an e-commerce agency, Accorin has the expertise to plan, design, develop and optimize your email marketing and abandoned cart programs. Programs that increase revenues and reduce costs. Need help with an e-commerce email project? Let’s discuss your project today.