Have a hunch for an e-commerce marketing tactic that will work? Test it.

While we are believers that intuition plays an important part in creating successful marketing campaigns, we know that actual performance data and analytics trump intuition. There is just no substitute for testing and optimizing e-commerce marketing campaigns (and e-commerce site elements) to understand which techniques work best to drive customer acquisition, conversion and engagement. Testing can be hard work, but a well structured testing program can establish a strong body of knowledge for your business to understand what will work and what won’t. But you can’t learn until you start testing.

Every business is different. There is no silver bullet. You can have all the tools, dashboards, and metrics at your disposal, but if you are trying to build a numbers-drive online marketing practice, the technique that lies at the foundation of success is testing. Looking to get started in testing? Here are just a few e-commerce marketing areas to think about testing and optimizing:

  • Email testing
  • Landing Page testing
  • Site Banner testing
  • Call To Action testing
  • Price point testing
  • Shipment offer testing
  • Coupon offer testing
  • PPC testing
  • Display Ad testing

Within each of these areas, you can test the visual treatment, the copy, the timing, and pretty much all other elements as well. Each of the things that you choose to test will have a different approach and tools, but they will also have an underlying data structure that will allow you to optimize your marketing performance over time.

If you need help with your e-commerce testing, give us a call. We would love to chat.