At Accorin, we’re always fascinated by the latest innovations in e-commerce. When we’re not busy working on our own creations, we’re on the look-out for other’s who are blazing a trail in the e-commerce world. Recently, subscription models have captured our attention, and some of us in the office are looking a little furry (seriously, is no-shave August a thing?). So, we decided to check out Harry’s, a company that sells shaving essentials in a new way. Harry’s has turned a basic product into a subscription service and naturally, we were intrigued.

How they’re different

Harry’s is an innovative website that sells men’s razors through a subscription process. After the initial delivery of a shaving kit (containing a razor, shaving cream and extra blades) you can sign up to have spare blades and more cream sent to you at a custom frequency based on how often you shave. This model presents a unique e-commerce marketing challenge by selling a service centered around a modest product. 

Unique purchase process

Harry’s offers just three shaving kits and three subscription services which makes the products easy to find (and from a logistics and fulfillment perspective, easier to do well). Their website is clean, elegant and minimalistic, reaffirming the simplicity of their products and services. Browsing the website is an enjoyable experience as it is aesthetically pleasing without taking away from what they offer.

Once you have chosen which products you would like to purchase, you can checkout as a returning or new customer. Although no guest checkout option is presented, both choices initially only require two pieces of information. A great example of reducing sign-up form friction in an e-commerce process. This combined with their easy, three-step checkout should reduce cart abandonment rates and increase the checkout completions. Harry’s also offers free shipping which should further reduce cart abandonment rates and boost conversion. Overall, Harry’s purchasing process is neat and quick with the same elegant feel as their website.

Effective customer communication

If you are a new customer, Harry’s immediately sends you a welcoming email after registration.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.19.10 AM.png

This email forges the first personal connection with the customer with a simple “thanks for joining us” while affirming their brand with their icon. Although their icon, a wooly mammoth, isn’t very visible on their site, it ties in nicely with their company name and product. The minimalistic design of this first email keeps the message light and fun while still pushing their brand.

After purchase, Harry’s sends an order confirmation email, and then a shipping notification once your order has been shipped. Each email follows the tone set by the first one, using funny diction to uplift the otherwise mundane content. These emails take on an almost whimsical feel and encourage the customers not only to open them but to read through them. This level of customer engagement is a tough feat to accomplish, yet Harry’s does it effortlessly. Finally, an email is sent when the product is delivered and the purchasing process is complete. One of the hardest challenges of e-commerce marketing is how to entice customers to return to your site. While most retailers rely on basic transactional emails to do the trick, Harry’s goes above and beyond with their quick responses and witty content.

They have cool packaging

We decided to test out the full Harry’s e-commerce experience for ourselves. We ordered the Truman Set razor kit and anxiously awaited its arrival (again, the beards need to go). When we received our shipment, we were blown away by the beautiful packaging. Everything was well-designed and perfectly branded, from the razor handle to the navy blue cardboard box it came in. The design of the packaging made this otherwise routine purchase feel like a special occasion. Harry’s affinity for simple design and well-made products is emulated in the product packaging. As an e-commerce agency, we can appreciate their great attention to detail, from start to finish.

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The Bottom Line
Harry’s gets it right. From their website design, messaging, and checkout process, to their product and shipping packaging. Their subscription service is something to be modeled after. Feeling inspired by Harry’s? Let us help you start innovating.