It’s here. Adobe Sensei-powered product recommendations is the first AI-powered product recommendations engine for Magento, and it looks awesome. Sensei uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to perform a deep analysis of aggregated visitor data. It sharpens and targets the product recommendation experience so that they are incredibly relevant.

We believe this is going to be a huge booster for productivity and average order size for B2B merchants. Through our B2B e-commerce experience, designing and installing both the core B2B features and additional B2B modules that speed,  we know that self-service and purchasing automation are critical to B2B merchants that want to provide their B2B company customers (and purchasing team members associated with each) with easy, fast, and efficient purchasing. Using Adobe Sensei with Magento Commerce now provides another solution for that.

We’re excited about Adobe Sensei for Magento 2 B2B merchants for the following reasons:

  1. Easy set up and the easiest way to get AI-powered product recommendations working in a B2B setting
  2. We think B2B customers will be highly likely to benefit from the technology
  3. With use of this AI-powered product recommendation engine we believe B2B average order values will increase significantly.

Easy to Set Up

Because Sensei is deployed as a SaaS service that is integrated with Magento, it’s relatively easy to set up and should not require any “coding” once the product recommendation modules are installed. Although, it does require knowledge of the Magento Admin panels and key configuration sequences.

  • On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketing > Promotions > Product Recommendations.
  • The Product Recommendations dashboard appears. From here, you can create a new recommendation or edit an existing recommendation.This dashboard displays a table of previously configured recommendations (if any) along with the metrics being tracked on those recommendations.
  • You can use the date filter to refine the recommendations by Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, and Last 30 days.

Now that you’re no longer scared by this process, we suggest reading the installation notes in the Magento User Guide.

Benefits for B2B Merchants

Obviously you still want to have a well-organized and intuitive catalog – especially for B2B buyers whose job is about finding and procuring the goods they need to conduct business. But having Sensei-powered product recommendations running will gradually over time help the B2B buyer move quickly through their experience and also help them select the items they need, even if they are not thinking about them.

The “Recommended for You” feature will initially use “most viewed” for the first time visitor but over time based upon behavior, the technology will learn to associate need products with the purchasing behavior. For a B2B purchaser this will feel like “assisted shopping” and reduce the need for manually searching. We’re already seeing that this will increase the average cart size.

It’s our belief that, if used correctly, all of the recommendation types provided by this module will benefit B2B shoppers and merchants just as much if not more than B2C.

Out of the box Sensei-powered product recommendations include:

  • Most viewed – Recommends items most viewed by shoppers within the last seven days
  • Most purchased – Recommends items most purchased by shoppers within the last seven days
  • Most added to cart – Recommends items most frequently added to carts by shoppers within the last seven days
  • Recommended for you – Recommends items based on each shopper’s current and previous on site behavior
  • Viewed this, viewed that – Recommends items most often viewed by shoppers who viewed the specified item
  • Viewed this, bought that – Recommends items most often purchased by shoppers who viewed the specified item
  • Bought this, bought that – Recommends items most often purchased by shoppers who purchased the specified item
  • More like this – Recommends items based on similar content and attributes
  • Trending – Recommends items based on recent momentum of product’s popularity

The Bottom Line

B2B merchants would be smart to embrace Sensei-powered product recommendations. Think about the day to day habits of B2B buyers whose jobs depend upon conducting efficient purchasing experiences. The easier we make it for them to add to cart, the more they will spend and the happier they will be. At Accorin we see how the B2B shopping experience with Magento is evolving to allow for highly automated and efficient buying experiences. Sensei-powered product recommendations is a big contribution to that evolution today and in the near future.

If you’d like to talk more about how to implement Sensei to improve your customer’s shopping experience, or any other ideas or challenges you may have, get in touch!