This past week Accorin officially announced new B2B module extensions that provide even more functionality for Magento 2 B2B merchants. The real value and the power of these extensions is that they provide a deeper mechanism for merchants to provide their B2B customers with the power to self-service even further. This blog post describes the B2B self-service use cases that can now be accommodated with these new extensions.


MORE BUYERS (in a customer company) = MORE REVENUE

Give a customer company with complex hierarchy and set of buyers more power and more control over who can buy what from your B2B store. In our Demo presentation last week we talked about a hypothetical merchant company called Yoga Masters – a distributor of Yoga and sports apparel. They sell to retail organizations with hundreds of stores, they also sell to other smaller distributors with multiple locations. Here’s the example we gave:

They (merchants like Yoga Masters) want to give their customer companies (like BYF) the power to set up their own hierarchies of buyers so that they can buy when they want but with certain controls in place. With our Company Address Book and Company Requisition Lists extensions, the company customer can give purchasing authority to more people with more control and that means more revenue for the merchant.

For example:

  • Store clerks (like assistant store buyers in the company structure above) can purchase but need to follow requisition lists that are shared with them
  • Local purchasers can purchase but they can only ship to local addresses
  • Company customer supervisors can give their team members access but revoke it immediately or as necessary

The Bottom Line

Give your customer companies the ability to add more buyers but they can do it with more control with the addition of our extensions.



Magento offers an extremely powerful order-level view and it has been strong at this aspect of e-commerce management for a long time. But when a customer company organization has more buyers, it’s important to give the members of that organization quick and easy access to product information as well. While traditionally in Magento 2 it’s easy to review order information in the admin panel, a user interested in reviewing and exercising at the product information level would need to dig through orders. We have solved for that with our new Previously Purchased Products extension.

This extension enables quick and easy review of product information. In our extensions demo store we’ve set up access to previously purchased products; just one click from the account information in the company users view.

Previously purchased products is a powerful extension that provides quick and easy access to product information from all previous purchasing activity. This extension allows for much easier access to product information than what you get with Magento 2 out-of-the-box. Accorin can easily customize the views of previously purchased products to include searchable and sortable views within the Magento admin in the company customer view like the one above. Any company user who can purchase would have access to these views if the extension is enabled, enabling current company customers to view and take action on previously purchased products is a great way to add self service component to MAGENTO b2b purchasing scenarios.

The Bottom Line

We have learned that by combining simple new functionalities with the existing company structure and roles and permissions of Magento 2 can really facilitate self service on the part of B2B merchant customers. To learn more and to see it in action in our demo store replay our Webinar from the week of April 13 here.

If you’d like to see a demo live just ask our sales team and we will arrange it! Email [email protected] or [email protected].