In April, Accorin was acquired by Wasserman, along with Gen Z / Millennial-focused agency Riddle & Bloom. It was the two firms’ second acquisition within a four year period. The first in 2018, merged a small but growing agency operation with PE firm, Teall Capital. This time, the acquisition merges our operation with 1600+ people, pushing us to think carefully about how we integrate with a much larger organization.

It’s still early but there are lots of synergies and opportunities that we’re certain are going to positively impact us and our clients. In particular, there are four key opportunities that we believe our prospects and clients will benefit from, now that we are a part of “Team Wass”:


We have a mandate to grow and that is supported by an organization with over 1500 people working for it. Wasserman is a diverse and progressive organization with a number of different agencies under their umbrella. In response to the increasing growth of e-commerce and related communication services, we don’t believe there is any type of work we can’t handle. While Accorin has successfully built a solid portfolio of mid market e-commerce work, we’re excited to collaborate with other Wasserman groups and work on large consumer brand projects in addition to our existing client base. We plan to support this growth through not only expanding our talent and resource pool, but also through additional acquisitions.

World Class, Complementary Sister Agencies

With Wasserman, Laundry Service and Cycle Media, our agency offering provides our clients and prospects with an opportunity to obtain truly world-class communication and branding services that are not just limited to e-commerce. Our world class e-commerce services can now be combined with world class creative, branding and media services provided by some of the top talent across the globe. You can learn more about the Wasserman family of brands and how they are integrated under Wasserman, here.

Progressive and Diverse. Seriously.

Since our acquisition in April we have learned a lot about our parent organization. It’s clear to all of us that work at Accorin is that Wasserman is incredibly diverse. We’re excited to be part of an organization that that has progressive values and employee well-being at its core. We’ve already learned so much about the values that are important to Wasserman and we’re committed to adopting them into our practices. We have firmly embraced diversity and inclusion training, a volunteer ethos, flexibility, work from home and in office choice, and much more. We suggest you simply follow team Wasserman‘s Twitter if you want to get the idea about how progressive this organization is. We believe that this is not only critical to our success, but will be key to us attracting and acquiring top-tier talent as we grow around the world.

Creative Horsepower and Headless E-commerce

We believe the future of e-commerce is quickly growing away from the cart and the catalog type of mentality. Omni-channel experiences and customer experiences that are broad and diverse will weave their way into e-commerce transactions. This means that headless e-commerce and innovative merchandising experiences are going to become much more important prior to checking out.

By leveraging the creative collaboration of our world class e-commerce team and our new sister agencies, rich with creative, diverse talents, we have no doubt that we’ll be able to bring an entirely new level of e-commerce solutions to the table.

The Bottom Line

We’re excited to continue growing as an e-commerce agency but we’re also equally excited to be providing to our clients and prospects all of the other offerings that exist within Wasserman. We’ve already had exciting conversations with current clients about the other services within Wasserman that they can leverage; from branding assignments, to programmatic event planning on a large scale, to large digital and website projects that are focused on innovative consumer experiences.

These are outside of the sphere of typical e-commerce agency services, but they are the type of offering that we believe can truly benefit our clients and prospects as e-commerce moves well beyond the “Catalog and the Cart”. We feel such endless possibilities for the coming years, now that we are a part of “Team Wass”.