If you’re an e-commerce merchant or a company with big e-commerce goals for 2020 the chances are you’re deep in planning for next year. Let us help. We’ve got 4 things right here that can help you with your planning.

First, if you’re not sure where to start you might consider a complimentary e-commerce site audit from Accorin. All you need to do is request one; in about 5-7 days we’ll send along an audit document that looks at a number of key operational and marketing variables that we believe are important to e-commerce success. We’ll point out any obvious customer experience pain points that we see and we’ll use a number of testing tools to provide some insights that will help you plan priorities.

Here’s a sample report you can check out

Second, here are 3 insanely useful e-books you can download directly from our site. These are Adobe / Magento publications that you will find very useful in thinking about your plans for next year. Although they are Adobe-Magento centric, they are highly useful and informative even if you are planning on looking at any of the other e-commerce platforms:

1. 5 Signs You are Ready for Magento Commerce

The lessons from this key Adobe/ Magento e-book can be applied to any e-commerce merchant that believes it is outgrowing its platform. The lessons from this e-book can be applied to merchants who have not yet decided on a platform to upgrade to.

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2. “Fast-Track Business Planning”

A 10-page guide that helps businesses plan for their next evolution. It’s designed for business owners and e-commerce executives who are very busy and want to move fast rather than spend weeks on a research project. Migrating to Magento 2 is also discussed as an important future-proofing strategy for e-commerce merchants.

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3. Follow the Customer: An Omnichannel Experience Guide

This is a great idea book and planning resource for merchants that are thinking about how to integrate all of the customer touchpoints and marketing channels into a great e-commerce experience.

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The Bottom Line

We are happy to provide these resources to our audience and newsletter customers without any obligation. However, should you find yourself searching for additional information that can help your 2020 planning, please contact us and we’d be happy to set up a time to chat.