Support Teams

If your agency has eCommerce projects, Accorin has the solution for you: Expert support via Magento and Salesforce teams that work seamlessly within your organization. Our teams can support event the most complex front and back end integration tasks.


Why Partner With Us?

We staff our teams with resourceful experts that have years of eCommerce experience, plus certifications in the platforms they work on. They have the practical knowledge and backgrounds needed to ensure that our teams deliver excellent results.

Jignesh T.

Magento Certified Developer

10 years of Magento Experience


Teodor S.

Salesforce Certified Architect

10 years of Salesforce Experience


Our teams are staffed with expert resources whose skills best match your project needs. For example, high-end B2C sites with intricate UX requirements are staffed with more senior Front-End Engineers, while complex B2B sites require more Application Engineers to support custom business logic, integration and data conversion.


Typical Project Team Structure*:
– Project Manager (.15 FTE)
– Solution Architect (.25 FTE)
– Technical Lead (1 FTE)
– Application Engineer (1 FTE)
– Front-End Engineer (1 FTE)
– QA Engineer (1 FTE)

Teams can scale from 2 FTEs to 20 FTEs
depending on the project scale and complexity.

Accorin teams combine onshore responsiveness with offshore cost efficiencies. With offices in the USA, India and Bulgaria, Accorin teams provide around the clock development by expert Magento and SFCC resources at a very competitive rate.
Bonus: we manage the training, certification and bench. You get teams of experts that support your margins.


Accorin is our go-to partner for Magento and SFCC projects. Their teams are excellent and fit seamlessly into our delivery organizations.

Scott Savitt
Senior Partner, Director of Digital
Connelly Partners

Need Specialized eCommerce Tasks Done-Done?

Data Conversion

Data conversion is complex and requires a detailed methodology and toolkit to do efficiently. Accorin has both, and a long track recor dof conversion projects. We can help your team map put the data conversion tasks and then migrate product, customer, and order datat from legacy systems into new eCommerce stores.

System Integration

Any eCommerce system of scale needs to be integrated into other platforms. Accorin has deep expertise in inegrating Magento and SFCC into ERPs, payment processors, OMS, and shipping systems. We can help your teams do the design, development, and System
Integration Testing.