You’ve heard about the inspiring talks from e-commerce merchants. You’ve heard about the parties. You’ve heard about the connections you’ll make. And you’ve probably even heard about the Big Dam Run. But here are 10 additional reasons why you will not want to miss Adobe Summit a.k.a Imagine this year – and remember it’s almost a month earlier so make sure to register now and claim a hotel room. Quick.

1. Magento Imagine and Adobe Summit are combined this year

This is important because us e-commerce folks are going to get to rub elbows with business strategy and creatives like never before. This is all with good intention by Adobe of course; they want existing and soon-to-be Magento merchants to understand how Adobe products can be more deeply embedded into Magento e-commerce experiences.

2. 18,000 vs 4,000

Those are the total number of attendees for the entire Adobe Summit. So the conference is 4 times bigger this year. 4x the fun, the parties, and the learning.

3. Adobe Sensei

The Adobe AI technology is getting rolled into V2.4 of Magento scheduled to be released later this year. Come learn about it. See it in action – inside Magento and understand how it can be deployed to improve your customers’ experiences and improve your e-commerce administrative workload.

4. Accorin B2B Modules

At our booth we will be announcing the release of 5 new incredibly helpful B2B extensions that are being added to our B2B suite, further extending the already great out-of-the-box core B2B features of Magento (enterprise).

5. Meeting a Ton of Solution and Technical partners all in one place

Whether you need an Adobe or Magento partner or compete with them, you’re going to be happy to meet all of these people and learn about the capabilities that make up the Adobe ecosystem.

6. Parties

Imagine has always had fantastic parties so we can only assume that with the Adobe Summit happening at the same time the parties are going to be even better.

7. The Big Dam Run

This is an incredible event sponsored by our colleagues at Wagento. It’s well worth the $27 which includes a bus ride out where you’ll meet other Magento fanatics and experts. The desert outside of Las Vegas is an enormous, expansive and beautiful place. You get to see it on this run and if you take a little excursion after you can even go see Hoover Dam.

8. The Excellence Awards

Well, they used to be called The Imagine Excellence Awards and they are a big time inspiration and really fun to see all the nominees and winners. We learned so much by attending last year’s Excellence Awards and we’re excited to have entered submissions for this year. Fingers crossed!

As an added bonus, the awards usually feature an inspiring keynote speaker. Last year it was Gary Vaynerchuck.

9. The Speaker Lineup

Adobe Summit rarely disappoints when it comes to the speaking engagements and this year is no different. Celebrity speakers, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chelsea Handler join titanic business leaders such as Adobe CEO, Shantanu Narayen and LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner.

Although Accorin is a globally distributed agency, our headquarters is in downtown Boston so we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited to hear what Tom Brady has to say.

Adobe Summit Speakers

10. Fabulous Las Vegas

Whether you love it, hate it, or even if you’re “meh”, Vegas is a convenient and fun place and an undeniably great location for a conference of this size at Caesar’s Palace.

Plan ahead as hotels, sessions, events and parties will get booked up but you’ll never struggle to find something to do at any hour of the day or night in fabulous Las Vegas!

We can’t wait to see you there!

The Bottom Line

Magento Imagine is normally the highlight of the Accorin year. An opportunity to celebrate the Magento platform’s continued innovation and show off our own! With the event being supersized by Adobe this year, we’re more excited than ever (in case you couldn’t tell).

Register now for Adobe Summit – Imagine 2020. If you would like a discount code please contact us!