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Reporting Automator

Automate reporting for your Magento storefronts.

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  • Reporting Automator - set report parameters
  • Magento Report Automate Parameters
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  • Report Automator for Magento FTP
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  • Reporting Automator - listing of reports
  • Reporting Automator - historic log results


The Reporting Automator lets you automate sending Magento store reports as email attachments or via FTP distribution.

Why Use It

A lot of business users want their daily, weekly or monthly Magento reports without having to log into Magento. With this extension you can easily schedule standard Magento reports (and some custom ones). The Reporting Automator is also an easy way to send report XML to external systems via an FTP export.


  • Schedule reports by day, week or month
  • Send reports in XML or CSV formats
  • Send reports as email attachments or save to directory via FTP
  • Create multiple versions of a report with different parameters
  • Supports multi-storefront deployments
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